immediate memory

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I do not remember of you
your body’s print has dispersed
through epidermis waves
through intestines
like a lethal substance

long time ago
I had reprogrammed
my identity
late nostalgia
old fashioned
when the snail traces
were glistening still
on morning’s lips
gangrenes of the kiss
in old used saraband

the stone contour of the heart
blooms in my blood
a contraceptive to forgiving you:
the immediate memory

(Translated in English by Luminita Suse)

It is High Time for Everybody to

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-     by bianca marcovici


It is High Time for Everybody to Answer

Everything I've written so far is not
enough to paint our harmless look,
during all these painful and hysterical evenings
of waiting for the terrorists of today and tomorrow!
Like beads I'll string the lies
they threaten us with!
we're so incredibly impotent
facing the madness devised by the artificers,
wicked Arabs filming themselves
before their suicide.
And their women, not far behind them,
Do they also want to become heroines of this age
With eyes behind masks and tight explosive belts
what do they hope to get for?
Only a minute on TV.
with the Koran in hand, that's their religion?!
and their reward is the promised virgins מn the
world beyond.
their Paradise, separated from the human mind!
some dirty money for their family,
enough reward for merely killing us!
We have paid dearly once for our indifference
in thinking that six million
of our souls will be saved!
Enough.It's about time to get our response out and
The air is so dirty with false statements,
that the international policy stinks from
the distance like the garbage dump near

Soren Voinov

Cirese amare,  Munchen


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Friends told me

To live in wisdom

Or else a mere waste of body and soul remains 

But how to follow my darlings’ advice

When your body is flawless

And eyes turned round, as by the sun, to look at it 

On the strong shoulders there sit two birds


Descending from attending lineage of great ships

Prophesying like an oracle that you are foreordained 

When through the shirt’s disclosure I see the manly chest

Growing willowy from the harmonious waist

Nostrils start thrilling

Sheltering the scent of beauty 

And what wonder can be greater

But the haughty motion

Of hips and legs

Sun-burnt, wind-blown

Which I see as two mountains in the mid of lowland 

Knee and joint in motion I behold

As the moon within waves slowly touched by the wind 

Looking at your sacred shadow

Happily I chant each part of the triumphant body and mere soul

And the radiant desire

Seized within the young, the healthy laughter

Unveiling your teeth – bits of light

Like the great unction’ 

monologue on one string

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monologue on one string

I abandon myself to the reverie of the poem's
I know they belong to me
Like Chagall's violin
The sound of non surrender in the cosmos
Of the non amateurs

The fragile violin
The Jew's canary
As an eternal victim.



If you've appeared
And you've settled in your place
And you fit into the too tight shoes
Turn around and look
Deep into my eyes
Leaving your routine,
Just to take my hand
And say:
There still is enough room for you
In the white house of my heart
There's still room
In the concert hall of my soul
There's still room in the amphitheatre torn by
the ages
And for the gladiator in you, and for us, for the
two of us
But lions and scorpions are lurking, be
Do not rephrase the sweat of the brow!

Some People

I try to avoid
the parasite people
to not avail
they appear again and again!

they keep coming between
me and my happiness
between me and the dear ones
they keep digging trenches
to chase me away

Besieging me as if I were a castle.

Every Moment

Every minute
every second
My mind is calling for you
every minute every second
My fingers are willing for the touch
Of the word
I'm not asking for the same
And I hope for nothing more
Than you not killing me with the word!


Today I won't cry in selfpity
You're born to be my shield
Of protection from myself
To swallow everyday
My words to chew them
To spit them
In my face sometimes

Today I won't cry in selfpity
I won't lick my wounds...
Your question marks
can't find the expected answer
in between friendly pauses
more and more scattered
through a sort of equillibrium of the divine
that is blurring even the images of the past
even the place I gave you
somewhere vis-a-vis
of the saturation of words
written compulsory,daily
as a tedious pressure

Chating With Someone

yes, I, too, am chating with someone
with many rifts between us
hurts and uproar
if I only were closer
I would've cursed him between nocturnal
I would've suffocated him with the pleasures
of reading




not afraid

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not afraid

I am not afraid of death, I am afraid of myself
of things that are left the way they are
and the way they should have been before
not cleared by the same word

times start to have a distinct scent of fear
challenging each other under the blood clouds
nothing is like it used to be
a beast slides through silent soul

I am not afraid of ages, I am afraid of mountain
there is not enough space left in round thoughts
when old stones growing in bones
slowly press me under the mountain crypt

I am not afraid on death, I am afraid of myself


 Marina Nicolaev

(translated into English by Luminita Suse)

The night of the hippogriph III

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The night of the hippogriph III
tout sauf ton coeur


the wind blew in the orchard of golden apples
and fell sick before sunrise

only a grain of sand was enough
to make the unicorn invisible
except for its heart

the eyes of the archaeopteryx
always reflect the mundane image
of seas from the sky
while the hippogryph
tired of being alone
sleeps with wings unfolded ahead

every night lifts sand dunes
and leaves the story of unknown journeys
to the one wearing a single eye
in the crown of the head

once upon a time
there was a hippogryph on a rock
and this view is not given to just anyone

tout sauf ton coeur = everything but your heart

(translated into English by Luminita Suse)

I was dreaming

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I was dreaming


sometime I was dreaming
only of his blue house
on the seashore

much to close to the wave
the winds blowing through origami walls
until the liquid air
irreversibly became the white paper
torn in letters without destination

frightened, the sea was wailing
through wet windowpanes
colorless algae

transparent boats trembled
through short rooms
scribbling unsteadily
beyond my own fear

sometime I sketched for him
a pastel house
on a island bleached by the sun

I still hear in my sleep
the salt letters

by Marina Nicolaev

Haifa station

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Haifa station

The failure of communication

my locomotives pass under the window
even if they see the sea, the Bay,
the first image is superimposed
they whistle at midnight
they whistle like stray bullets
I mistake them for fireworks
I don't know whether it's war or peace when I hear them.

slowly, I go towards the window
to see the views
maybe it's the neighborhood Arabs
praying at loudspeakers
perhaps it's fireworks from a wedding
maybe it's the Ramadan
it's so close to the synagogue
holiday songs can be heard
'ours' are praying for peace…

only the freight carriers don't get out of fashion at Haifa station
they don't need to follow the trend
my grandson already calls the train 'rakevet'
he does not mistake it for a toy.
the train, the airplane
the failure of communication
parallel trails…..

bianca marcovici

English translation
Rafael Manory

all around me fears the mountain

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 all around me fears the mountain

all around me fears the mountain
the mountain encloses my heart
in an earth ball
maculated by indecent snows
a deforested highway
to Beyond

of the earth mouth
I am afraid
of the crunched time
over my heart, alive still
a lost fossil
in the mountain’s body
disassembled from its shadow
rock by rock

all around me fears the mountain
the mountain encloses my heart
in an earth ball


by Marina Nicolaev

(Translated by Luminita Suse)