It is High Time for Everybody to

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-     by bianca marcovici


It is High Time for Everybody to Answer

Everything I've written so far is not
enough to paint our harmless look,
during all these painful and hysterical evenings
of waiting for the terrorists of today and tomorrow!
Like beads I'll string the lies
they threaten us with!
we're so incredibly impotent
facing the madness devised by the artificers,
wicked Arabs filming themselves
before their suicide.
And their women, not far behind them,
Do they also want to become heroines of this age
With eyes behind masks and tight explosive belts
what do they hope to get for?
Only a minute on TV.
with the Koran in hand, that's their religion?!
and their reward is the promised virgins מn the
world beyond.
their Paradise, separated from the human mind!
some dirty money for their family,
enough reward for merely killing us!
We have paid dearly once for our indifference
in thinking that six million
of our souls will be saved!
Enough.It's about time to get our response out and
The air is so dirty with false statements,
that the international policy stinks from
the distance like the garbage dump near

Soren Voinov

Cirese amare,  Munchen