angels weep - îngerii plâng

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I breathe deeply under a cloud eyelid
and disentangle the words of the castle
are you still dreaming of chlorine seas
and Titanic sinking in youth years?...

I let the old and rusty armor finely fall
on the blooming shores of nowhere
smoke navigators lost in the hull
lured by profound waters

when bleeding seagulls hurt in us
traversing the loneliness of the evening
chlorine memories float on the horizon
are you still dreaming of absinth seas?...

the angels weep on crucified words
how you sold us both at the market
my darling

(Translated by Luminita SUSE)

septicemia memoriei

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deja mă pândesc în somn
lacustre drumuri
sandaua de nisip a mării
își cască talpa udă și mă devoră
ronțăind stridii albastre
genunchii neliniștiți ai fluturilor
obosiți, asudați de soare
alunecă epuizați
prin arhitectura
incertă a valului

-bistroul din Cannes
palmierii din Nice,
la Promenade
hotel Negresco-
septicemia memoriei
bolborosind deja
a soare și a fluturi aurii

și tot ceea ce se întâmplă
dinspre mine

ca o lunație confuză a ierbii.

not afraid

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I am not afraid of death, I am afraid of myself
of things that are left the way they are
and the way they should have been before
not cleared by the same word

times start to have a distinct scent of fear
challenging each other under the blood clouds
nothing is like it used to be
a beast slides through silent soul

I am not afraid of ages, I am afraid of mountain
there is not enough space left in round thoughts
when old stones growing in bones
slowly press me under the mountain crypt

I am not afraid on death, I am afraid of myself

(translated into English by Luminita Suse)


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