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The night of the hippogriph III

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The night of the hippogriph III
tout sauf ton coeur

the wind blew in the orchard of golden apples
and fell sick before sunrise

only a grain of sand was enough
to make the unicorn invisible
except for its heart

the eyes of the archaeopteryx
always reflect the mundane image
of seas from the sky
while the hippogryph
tired of being alone
sleeps with wings unfolded ahead

every night lifts sand dunes
and leaves the story of unknown journeys
to the one wearing a single eye
in the crown of the head

once upon a time
there was a hippogryph on a rock
and this view is not given to just anyone

tout sauf ton coeur = everything but your heart

(translated to English by Luminita Suse)


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autour de la tour des mots XX

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la tour raccordée

de plus longtemps

au monde subtil


par la grandeur des mots

sous les absolus berceaux

là-haut au-dessus

de l’échafaudage des vocables

qui n’appartient jamais

aux terriens

tandis la citadelle sonore

s’éloigna au solstice

encore vivante

en laissant les pénombres

de la détresse partout


tout simplement


l’accordeur des âmes sauvages

de l‘autre Lumière