A summer story

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 baroq-marines1.jpg baroc marine picture by gadrian40 
 Picture : Ion Vincent Danu 




I want to tell you multifaceted truths
Some limpid and some fancy, as some fully epilated feet
other murky, my peasant's brain being what it is
full of happenings and corridas
love affairs and their pregnant absence
I roll myself in a ball
porcupine at your door, hoping that you'll pick me up
on your porch and talk to me
talk to me in old Greek about the negation of my spikes
about the solace I wait for
a hundred years now
just like a summer resurrection
oh, come, gentle and full of bitter tears
on your bitten (bloody) lips
I count you with my eyes, with my clepsidra
my time is your time by now..

AG( rameau)


I've learned to wait and count the days
on your sun-bleached mane
and love the sublimation where
the Avignon Pieta didn't arrived yet
better to have your shadow and your unique voice
on bas-reliefs on details of Venetian masters
another frantic Wednesday
of my galatea time
to pronounce moonstruck speeches
somewhere on the line between possible
and impossible
an aesthetic right in the middle of the summer
it's a long time now since
we don't know anymore
who we are
we still do have some time
to browse for all lives
among bare scorching stones..

L P ( odessa)

English translation : Ion Vincent Danu