Religion vs. Science - by Dr. Napoleon Savescu

Religion vs. Science

By dr. Napoleon Savescu



For thousands of years, the legend of great flood has endured in the biblical story of Noah and such Middle Eastern myths as the epic of Gilgamesh. Few scientists believed that such a catastrophic deluge had actually occurred. But these Bible “stories” for some scientific people appeared to have a real sense. Considering that the religion and science has to work together, two distinguished geophysicists have discovered an event that changed history; a sensational flood 8,600 years ago in what is today the Black Sea.


Not only in the Bible we found stories about the flood but also in the ancient clay tablets excavated from the ruins of biblical Nineveh more than a hundred years ago revealed a much older version of the same flood legend. Archeologists searched the length and breath of the Tigris and Euphrates   rivers in Mesopotamia for evidence of such a flood, to no avail. Then, as earth scientists made new discoveries   about the history   of rapid climate change, they learned that the Mediterranean Sea had once been a desert and 5,000,000 years ago, the Atlantic Ocean burst through the Strait of Gibraltar and filled the Mediterranean basin. William Ryan and Walter Pitman posed the scientific question “   Could some more recent, similar catastrophe have been the source of Noah’s Flood ?”

The end of the Cold War enabled Ryan and Pitman to team up with oceanographers from and , as well as , to explore the Black Sea. Using sound waves and coring devices to probe the sea floor, they discover clear evidence that this inland body of water had once been a vast freshwater lake lying hundreds of feet below the level of the world’s rising oceans.

12,500 B.C., earth temperature increased, and the Eurasian ice sheet started to melt. The level of sea and oceans increased with 150 meters. peninsula becomes an island.

The Atlantic Ocean water burst again through the Strait of Gibraltar and refilled the Mediterranean basin. Increased Mediterranean Sea level of 150 m. had a disastrous consequence, huge pieces of land being flooded, sank. One example being the piece of land that was linking Balkan peninsula with Turkey which   disappeared giving birth to a new sea, Thracian Sea, later known as Aegean sea and a lot of new islands. Strange cultures, very advanced civilizations were left in these islands, long time ago tip of mountains, proving that this piece of land was an important corridor of civilization who was linking Europe and Asia. Suddenly the legend of lost Atlantica started being more realistic.

Sophisticated dating technique, sometime using both the carbon 14 and a new method of Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS) confirmed that 8,600 years ago the mounting seas had burst through the narrow Bosporus valley, and the salt water of Mediterranean had poured into the lake with unimaginable force, racing over beaches and up rivers, destroying or chasing all life before it. The margins of the lake, which has been a unique oasis, a Garden of Eden for an advanced culture in a vast region of semi-desert, became a sea of death. The people fled, never to return.

Today scientific people explore the exiting archeological, genetic, and linguistic evidence suggesting that the flood rapidly created a human diaspora that spread as far as Western Europe, Center Asia, , , and the Persian Gulf. They suggested that the Black Sea People could well have been the mysterious proto-Sumerians who developed the first great civilization in Mesopotamia.

Biblical Noah’s Flood is solidly grounded in contemporary science. It is an astonishing religious story that sheds new light on our roots and gives fresh meaning to ancient myths.