An Open Invitation Letter for the selection of new or in design phase buildings in European countries to be used as Case Studies

We invite you to submit as an eligible Case Study an office building incorporating sustainability features, which you own or which you have designed or constructed, in order for it to be used for the implementation and evaluation of the Common European Building Assessment Methodology developed under the OPEN HOUSE Project, partly financed by the European Union.

The OPEN HOUSE Platform is currently under development facilitating a pan-EU effort towards a common view on the sustainability of buildings, complementing the existing building assessment methodologies, for designing, planning and constructing sustainable buildings.

The sustainability assessment of the selected Case Study Buildings will start in Autumn 2011.

The participating Buildings will be credited for their contribution from by the OPEN HOUSE partners consisting of a wide range of large companies with strong research capabilities, high- tech small and medium sized enterprises, research organizations, end users and policy makers- in total 19 organizations covering 11 EU countries.

 Owners, architects and developers of the Case Study Buildings will be invited to present themselves and their activities in the final conference of the project.

We hope you will make the best of this opportunity and offer to have the sustainability of your building assessed, by filling the following form in English and returning it before September 9th 2011.

Sincerely, Eleni Goni Task leader for the Architects’ Council of Europe

29, rue Paul Emile Janson 1050 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 543 11 40 Direct: +32 2 543 11 46 Fax: +32 2 543 11 41