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Chicago, USA/ Cluj, Romania, October 30th, 2008  -- EgoPHobia (, an e-zine of the Romanian intelligentsia, is pleased to announce the release of the Experiment 19/20 issue. If you are a writer, editor, pubicist or broadcaster, Experiment will offer you food for thought and a spectacular material for your story.
EgoPhobia presents golden steam articles, translations and interviews in four languages, followed by lavish visuals about the emerging and controversial Steampunk subculture in the world.

The featured artists, and craftsmen are: Sean Orlando (Oakland, USA), Uri Hofi ( Ein-Shemer, Israel), Pierre Materr (Paris, France), RA Friedman (Philadelphia,USA),  Shannon O'Hare (Berkley, USA), Joe Rosato (New York, USA) and Nicu Ilfoveanu
(Bucharest Romania).
The controversy about the definition of Steampunk is covered by the translations of an  article by Randy Nakamura (Los Angeles, USA), published in Design Observer, and the interview given to Bostodelphia by Steampunk spokesmen Jake von Slatt (Boston, USA)
Is Steampunk "humbug design, scrap-booking masquerading as the avant-garde" as was said by Randy Nakamura, or a"new aesthetic which lends itself to pre-existing industrial arts creative practices, including creative recycling, scavenging, and reuse", as stated by Sean Orlando ?
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