ARTI - Agenzia Regionala per la Tecnologia e l'Innovazione - anunță organizarea, în Apulia (Italia), a unui concurs internațional de design privind integrarea în construcții a sistemelor solare.
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To promote the eco-friendly re-generation of the regional building heritage, ARTI, the Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation, in agreement with the Ministry of Land Management of Apulia Region (in the South-East of Italy), has launched an international competition of ideas for the integration of the active and passive solar systems in the recovery of building and residential areas of Apulia.

In the hope you will find them useful, please find below further information about the competition.


To integrate into the building recovery plans technologies based on solar energy, as fundamental elements of the same plans.

The competition aims to collect project proposals for the re-generation of buildings and residential areas of Apulia Region, dating from the second post-war period, through a proper architectural and landscape integration with active and passive solar systems and natural active and passive cooling/air conditioning systems; the proposals shall relate to urban areas and residential buildings.

The geographical area of intervention is the territory of Apulia region, but the distinctive characteristic of the project proposals will be the replicability in the Mediterranean context.

Participation conditions and deadline

ARTI welcomes the participation of inter-professional groups, that can choose to work either at a specific residential area or at the development of project suitable for various solutions. The evaluation of the projects, carried out by a Commission of experts appointed in the next few months, will take into consideration the following parameters: landscape integration; morphological integration; replicability; energy performance. Supplementary scores will be assigned to projects submitted by teams integrating the most diverse disciplines and by teams in which young professionals - enrolled in the respective professional register for less than five years - play a relevant role and task.

The deadline for the submission of the project proposals is at 12:00 a.m. of 30 May, 2008. The Commission will appoint a winner and will select two further projects deserving mention. The winning project will receive a € 50 thousand award. Apulia Region reserves the right to entrust the winner of the competition of the implementation of the subsequent phases of design. Each of the other two proposals deserving mention will receive a € 10 thousand award. The names of the project proposals selected by the Commission will be transmitted to Professional Associations, to the university departments of Apulia and to Region Apulia as well.

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ARTI (Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation) is a public body created by the Apulia Regional Government in 2004 and has as a primary mission that of promoting and consolidating the regional system of innovation. The Agency is particularly committed in: supporting the regional government in programming and managing the regional policies on innovation and competitiveness; fostering the dialogue between industry and science and between science and the society; supporting innovation in companies; facilitating the international networking of all the regional research and innovation actors.