I miss a winter in Ardeal
When cats are fondling up the stairs
And fire's climbing up the walls
Rolling to nostrils scent of pears.

From fruits threaded on the shrine grow shadows
Through old and ancient drawers fusses
The withered scent of lavender
- My dear lad, pour some red wine into glasses!

My granny's garments are all rustling
Linen and fur and velvet, fine, tiny gilded
Up on the chimney the gentle genius of the house is walking
- My dear lad, kiss me on the forehead!

Dead by a year in the attic grandpa is scraping a viola
Forefathers lovers kiss the hip of precious violin
They hide from frost in the forsaken trunks
They crumble down sweet and frail in laced moccasin.

I miss a winter in Ardeal
A waltz with gran and granny
In the embroidered dress, with bows and petticoat
Left from miss Fanny.

So one, two, three
Let's stop an instant, listen to the winter's gait, my dear lad
In broken breath two snow-flakes appeared from the window disappear

Towards daybreaks we'll gently pass from dance to nap.