The 2019 Sovereign Asian Art Prize

The 2019 Sovereign Asian Art Prize


All Entrants to The 2019 Sovereign Asian Art Prize (the “Competition”) run by The Sovereign Art

Foundation Limited (“SAF”) agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:


1.1 “Artwork” means a piece of art created by an artist, submitted to the Competition through

the SAF website.

1.2 “Entrant” means an artist who submits an Entry to the Competition.

1.3 “Entry” means a fully completed entry form and images of the Artwork, submitted on the

SAF website.

1.4 “Finalist” means an Entrant whose Artwork has been shortlisted by the Judging Panel to

progress to the second round of judging for the Competition and for display in the

Finalists' Exhibition.

1.5 “Finalist’s Exhibition” means the public art exhibition(s) to be held in Hong Kong and

comprising the 30 Finalist’s Artworks as shortlisted by the Judging Panel.


2.1 The Grand Prize Winner is the winning Entrant as selected by the Judging Panel and

will be awarded a cash prize of US$30,000.

2.2 The Public Vote Prize Winner is the Entrant (other than the winning Entrant) determined

as having received the most votes from the public for their Artwork and will be awarded a

cash prize of US$1,000.


3.1 The Judging Panel will select 30 Entrants as Finalists for this Competition, their Artworks

will be exhibited at the Finalists’ Exhibition(s) in Hong Kong.

3.2 SAF and the Judging Panel reserves the right to make a final decision to accept any

Entry for this Competition.


3.3 The decision of SAF and the Judging Panel on any and all matters relating to the

Competition will be final and binding. Neither SAF nor members of the Judging Panel

shall be obliged or bound to enter into any communications whatsoever regarding such


3.4 All Entrants must be nominated by one of the appointed nominators as listed on the SAF

website, with the exception of finalists and winners of previous editions of the

Competition, who do not require nomination in order to submit an Entry.

3.5 All Entrants should be residents of: Afghanistan, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh,

Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan,

Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Korea (North), Korea (South), Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia,

Maldives, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nauru, Nepal, New

Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New

Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tajikistan,

Thailand, Tonga, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, or Vietnam.

3.6 Entrants must be practicing artists who have had at least three solo exhibitions at

recognised professional galleries. Details of these exhibitions should be clearly stated in

the artist’s CV.

3.7 There are no limits to nationality or age of Entrants.


4.1 All Artwork(s) must be the original work of the Entrant and must have been produced

within the current or previous calendar year.

4.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the Entrants hereby warrant that they own the copyright to

their Artwork(s) and further warrant that they contain no feature or aspect or material that

constitutes a breach (or potential/anticipatory breach) of a third party’s intellectual


4.3 Limited edition Artworks (e.g. photographs, digital works, prints or sculptures) must not

have been produced in more than five numbered copies with an additional three artist's

proofs. In such cases, each Artwork must be signed and numbered, and the Entry must

include a declaration stating the number of Artworks in this edition and the number of

different editions made.

4.4 Medium Artwork consisting of audio, video, time-based media art or performance art will

not be accepted. Admissibility of Artworks which do not consist purely of video but which

contain a video or media component will be considered on a case-by-case basis by SAF

and the Judging Panel.

4.5 Dimensions All two-dimensional Artworks (including frame or mounting) should not

exceed 150cm x 150cm, and should not be more than 5cm in depth. Composite Artworks

must fit within these dimensions when placed together.

4.6 Dimensions All three-dimensional Artworks should not exceed 150cm (H) x 50cm x


4.7 All Artworks must be available for sale in accordance with Condition 8 below and must

remain so until the Entrant is informed that the Competition is at an end.

4.8 Entrants should only submit finished, complete Artworks into the Competition. Unfinished

Artworks or Artworks which are partially complete will not be accepted.


5.1 Each Entrant may submit up to three Artworks but only one of these Artworks will be

eligible for display in the Finalists' Exhibition.

5.2 Entrants are required to enter the Competition through an online entry form on the SAF

website. The entry form can be found HERE. Entrants must complete all fields of the

online entry form and upload digital image(s) of their Artwork.

5.3 Artwork images must be high-resolution (min. 300Dpi) maximum 4MB in size and in one

of the following formats: JPG, PNG or GIF. For two-dimensional Artworks, 1 or 2

images should be included, with at least one image showing a clear view of the whole

Artwork. It is recommended to include a second image showing a detail of the work. For

three-dimensional Artworks, 3 to 5 images should be included, showing different views

of the work.

5.4 All images should be a true representation of the final and complete Artwork(s) detailed

in the Entry. Images may not be manipulated or otherwise artificially or digitally

enhanced by the Artist.

5.5 All Entries must be received by SAF by 12 midnight HKT (Hong Kong Time UTC+08:00)

on 26 October, 2018.

5.6 By completing the entry form, the Entrant agrees to SAF collecting, retaining,

processing, or otherwise utilising the Entrant’s personal information for the purposes of

processing the Entry to the Competition, the promotion and administration of the

Competition including distribution of the details for any and all promotional or marketing

purposes and the creation of the Finalist’s Exhibition. The personal information of

Entrants will not be shared with third parties or otherwise processed for alternative

purposes without the Entrant’s consent.


6.1 Finalists will be officially notified by email and the selected Artworks must be delivered to

a location advised by SAF. Each Artwork must be marked clearly on the reverse with the

title of the piece, the relevant Entrant’s name and their contact details.

Please note!


6.2 It is the Entrant’s responsibility to cover all costs of transportation of their artwork to the

location advised by SAF, including but not limited to: packing, crating and custom

charges, as well as insurance to cover any damage that might be occasioned to the

artwork during transit. Should the work be unsold after the Competition is at an end, the

Entrant will cover the all transportation and insurance costs arising from transit of the

artwork back to themselves or to another destination as the Entrant may direct.

6.3 It is intended that each Finalist’s Artwork will, at the discretion of SAF, be exhibited and

publicised in the Finalists’ Exhibition, associated printed materials and digital channels.

SAF will arrange media coverage and publicity for the Finalists’ Exhibition(s).

6.4 Unless otherwise agreed with SAF in writing, each Finalist consents to the following


a) SAF has the right to reproduce images of the Finalist’s Artwork for publicity, marketing

and educational purposes for SAF and the Competition.

b) The Sovereign Group of companies has the right to reproduce images of the Finalist’s

Artwork (with full credit to the Finalist) for Sovereign marketing materials.

c) The Grand Prize Winner agrees that SAF may produce limited editions of the winning

Artworks to further its charitable aims.

6.5 The Entrant who is selected as The Grand Prize Winner (under Condition 2.1) and the

Entrant who is determined as Public Vote Prize Winner (under Condition 2.2) will be

announced during the Finalists’ Exhibition or at SAF’s annual fundraising Gala event.

6.6 Entrants shall not make or permit any person to make any public announcement,

communication or circular concerning the results of the Competition or any other matter

described by any of the SAF representatives on email or otherwise save where such

information is already in the public domain or with the express written consent of SAF.

Breach of this section shall be treated as a breach of confidentiality and shall be

considered a material breach of these terms and conditions.

6.7 SAF reserves the right to disqualify an Entrant, where in the view of SAF: the Artwork

does not meet the requirements as stated herein, the Entrant cannot be contacted or the

Entrant does not respond within seven days of being contacted by SAF.

6.8 SAF and the Judging Panel reserve the right to offer the place of a disqualified Entrant to

another Entrant but are not obliged to do so.


7.1 Artworks should be adequately framed in order to protect and present the work. If the

Entrant does not intend to exhibit the Artwork framed, then adequate protection must be

provided for its storage and transportation.

7.2 Artworks should be delivered to SAF with appropriate fittings already in place and

Entrants must provide clear installation instructions in accordance with the Installation

Instructions form that will be provided to them by SAF.



8.1 Finalists authorise SAF to arrange the sale of their Artwork by whatever means it sees fit.

If an Entrant’s Artwork is sold, that Entrant will be entitled to receive 50% of the sale

proceeds, with the other 50% being retained for charitable purposes to further the aims of

SAF. Entrants authorise SAF to accept the highest sale offer it receives for the Artwork,

irrespective of the amount. SAF will use best efforts to receive the best possible price for

the Artwork of the Finalists but cannot and does not guarantee such sale or the price


8.2 When submitting an Entry, all Entrants are required to provide an estimated sale value for

the Artwork concerned (in US$). The sale value will be used by SAF to set the sale price

and auction estimate of their Artwork should they be selected as a Finalist. The estimated

value should be reflective of and consistent with the Entrant’s previous sale records.


9.1 SAF shall appoint the members of its Judging Panel without reference to any third party,

and publish the appointments on the SAF website.