The 1st International Competition Exhibition Mini Print and Ex Libris 2008

The Italian Alpine Club (CAI) – Branch of Milan is organising a competition for graphic artists coming from all overthe world without age, residence or other limits, with the aim of presenting the mountain in all its aspects to theworld.The theme that has been chosen is “mountain and art “, that is mountains, their natural and human environment,mountain climbing and other sports, throughout a free interpretation of the theme.REGULATION1. For the ex libris and small printing, image format is free and printed on maximum A4 ( 21 x 29,6 mm) paper;2. All printing techniques are allowed except for photocopies, drawings and sketches, letterpress /offset, photos.( See list *);3. Three copies should be sent for each work. They shall be numbered and signed and should report, on the back,the name, surname and address of the artist, the production year and the technique adopted. The artist shall sendthe attached form filled out in capital letters with all his personal data and a brief CV.4.Works shall be sent within July 31st 2008 – attested by postmark – to the following address:CLUB ALPINO ITALIANO – SEZIONE DI MILANOCASELLA POSTALE 125620101 MILANO ( ITALY )

5. No enrolment fee shall be paid for the competition. The works sent are offered, for free, by the participatingartists to the international competition and, thus, become property of the Italian Alpine Club – Branch of Milan.Participants may not claim back money or remuneration. A copy of the work will be given to the Art Collection ofthe Library of the Italian Alpine Club, Branch of Milan. The Organising Committee may advertise the material thathas been sent by using the images without paying any compensation to the relative artist.6. The Jury of the competition will be composed of graphic experts and collectors and will autonomously decide forthe of the arranged awards giving.7. There are 3 awards of Euros 1.000,00 (one thousand/00) and, moreover, reports and notices.The three winning artists will be invited to display, without fees, a personal exhibition in the office of the CAI inMilan on a date and with modalities that shall be defined. The opening of the exhibition will be held on December11th 2008 – World Mountains Day – in the stand area of the CAI in Milan or in other cities.8. A selection of works sent to the Award could be eventually shown in other Italian and foreign places.9. At the end of the exhibition, the catalogue, shall it be produced, or the CD containing all works participating tothe competition, will be sent, without charges, to all artists;10. Participants shall accept the regulation and the jury’s indisputable decisions. The Organising Committee will beresponsible for possible postal problems that may occur.