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At 54, he probably is the most traveled Greek. At least, we don't know anybody else to have visited all 194 countries, using 33 passports, to make this accomplishment.


What's the first thing you do upon arrival at a new destination?

I follow an almost military routine: the central place, the market, a hill. Especially, in places unaccounted for from a tourist point of view, as Djamena in Chad, I seek the city center (sometimes not existing), the market, and an eminence, to orientate myself.

Why do we travel?


For the same reason we read. To satisfy our curiosity and our senses (our perception).To educate ourselves.

What makes a destination interesting?

People are the raison d'etre of a journey, especially nowadays, when things tend to become similar all over the world. People make unique the Sunday market of Kashgar in west China, where 50 different tribes gather together, or remote pockets in Africa, where men are clad in sheepskins and women are bare breasted, as testimony to their reproductive ability. In those parts a fully covered woman means a sick woman!

You force me... So, in which country live the most lovable women?


The most erotic women belong to the Himba tribe of north Namibia, in southwest Africa. Classic beauties, which would crowd the model agencies in Paris, had they lived there!

What's the biggest mistake a traveler can make?


To demand from a place to adjust to his needs, rather than the opposite.

When does a trip become unpleasant?

When I have problems with the authorities. In Central Africa I was arrested for wandering in a market, considered diamond bearing area, for which a special permit from the Ministry of Mineral was necessary. in Congo, because I was sightseeing the river which makes the frontier with formal Zair. But, most of the times, you get arrested in order to give them some pocket-money.

You have accumulated images from all over the world. How does reality strike you when you come back to Athens?


I consider Athens part of the universal folklore. I tolerate her. I feel a traveler even in Greece.

What you say holds solitude?

I forwent many things, in order to be able to travel. This is the reason why I have really no close friends, friendship presupposes your physical presence as well, not only your esteem, or good-will.

What do you pack first?

I always start with the necessary documents. If you have your passport, your ticket and money - the rest is easy. When I travel on my own, I seldom carry a suitcase. Even a photo camera can get you into trouble.

What did you learn from your travels that you wouldn't learn otherwise?

That you must be ready to die at any moment and be at peace with yourself. Of course, I make plans for the future. But, on the other hand, I believe we must learn to live as if we'll die the next day. What you need to do, do it, if it harms not other people, don't postpone it.

Where did you see the most beautiful sunrise?

In northwest Himalayas, in India. The atmosphere is exceptionally limpid, and the colours staggering.

What is the best part of the trip? Landing, take-off, or developing the taken pictures?

Take-off! The moment you leave behind everything, and what you planned starts unfolding...

What is the most magic place you ever visited?

Antarctica, by far. I went there and felt I might even stop traveling. The feeling of floating slowly in iced surroundings, the stillness, the absence of humans, makes Antarctica the superlative of places and senses. I came back overwhelmed by my feelings.

Next destinations?

Some remote islands: Kerguelen, the "Grand Canyon" of south Indian Ocean, Santa Helena, where Napoleon lived in exile, and Pitcairn, where ended the Bounty mutiny.

After so many travels, did you discover paradise on Earth?

No, and, deep inside, I don't wish to. In the long run, paradise is a place we make or leave...

Reporter: Elias Siakandaris
Journal: HOMME. August, 2004


Babis Bizas, the most travelled man on Earth

The man Within

25 years of wandering
More than 30 full passports
All the 194 sovereign countries of world
250 days of travels in the year
Expedition to North Pole and more!



Babis (as his friends call him), was born in 1954 in northwestern Greece.
He studied Political Sciences at the University of Athens and Slavonic languages at the Institute of Balkan Studies in Thessaloniki.


Petermann Island

Apart from Greek and English, he speaks Russian, Spanish, French and some other languages. After completing his studies, he took the decision to work in a field related to traveling. He started his career as Tour Escort with the larger tour operators in Greece, such as MANOS, TRAVEL PLAN and HERONIA.


North Pole

In 1987 he was invited to join the MANOS team. Upon entering the company he was so innovative that in 8 months he changed the tourist scene in Greece. His biggest contribution in the travel industry was the possibility he gave to the average traveler to reach places which are still very difficult to visit.



Today he works for HERONIA as a planning manager and keeps.....going to unusual places organizing and escorting tours off the beaten track.



He is the leading figure of the outgoing tourism in Greece. The tours he organizes are legendary. The ones he escorts are fully booked months ahead!



I miss a winter in Ardeal
When cats are fondling up the stairs
And fire's climbing up the walls
Rolling to nostrils scent of pears.

From fruits threaded on the shrine grow shadows
Through old and ancient drawers fusses
The withered scent of lavender
- My dear lad, pour some red wine into glasses!

My granny's garments are all rustling
Linen and fur and velvet, fine, tiny gilded
Up on the chimney the gentle genius of the house is walking
- My dear lad, kiss me on the forehead!

Dead by a year in the attic grandpa is scraping a viola
Forefathers lovers kiss the hip of precious violin
They hide from frost in the forsaken trunks
They crumble down sweet and frail in laced moccasin.

I miss a winter in Ardeal
A waltz with gran and granny
In the embroidered dress, with bows and petticoat
Left from miss Fanny.

So one, two, three
Let's stop an instant, listen to the winter's gait, my dear lad
In broken breath two snow-flakes appeared from the window disappear

Towards daybreaks we'll gently pass from dance to nap.


GENNADY ZUBKOV - le grand peintre russe à  Paris

Le 22 février 2008 la Galerie Blue Square a reçu le peintre lors d'une soirée privée pour hommager le créateur absent au vernissage de l'exposition rétrospective de 40 années d'activité artistique. Nous avons profité de cette occasion pour poser quelques questions sur sa création à  Gennady Zubkov, un des peintres les plus représentatifs et les plus connus de sa génération.


anges ἄγγελος ággelos

incarne un papillon sauvage et vis ta vie
loin de mes Anges aux ailes bleues
there are some new things from time to time
I wonder if they could tell us

«what are Angels»

ainsi peut-être souhaites-tu partager avec le monde l'oeuvre de Dieu dans ta vie
moi, je me laisse porter par des Anges dans l'instant

«Ne savez-vous pas que les injustes n'hériteront pas le royaume de Dieu ?»

et tout ce qui n'est pas une guerre
chaque âme a sa maison en or dans la voix de l'Ange.
"Dieu a guéri". and I believe them.

« Quand je parlerai les langues des hommes et des Anges,
si je n'ai pas l'amour, je suis un airain qui résonne ou une cymbale qui retentit. »

j'ouvre les portes les ailes les silences
et je laisse à  votre conscience le temps oublié.

« Je ne permets pas à  la femme d'enseigner, ni de prendre de l'autorité sur l'homme;
mais elle doit demeurer dans le silence.»

coming soon to a church near you
maybe the herald angels sing.

«Our Father, who art in heaven
que ton Nom soit sanctifié,
thy kingdom come,
que ta volonté soit faite
on earth as it is in heaven
Donne-nous aujourd'hui notre pain de ce jour.
And forgive us our trespasses,
comme nous pardonnons aussi
who trespass against us.
Et ne nous soumets pas à  la tentation
but deliver us from evil.
Car c'est à  toi qu'appartiennent le règne,
and the power, and the glory,
dans les siècles des siècles. Amen. »

I need your help.
Saint Raphaël archange, priez pour moi.
"Dieu a guéri".

(les images appartiennent à  l'auteur)


Noi nu trecem prin vreme

Noi nu trecem prin vreme,
vremea trece prin noi.

Nici nu pășim-
pasul nostru e doar o tendință,
de a sta drepți în fața timpului.

Poate nici nu gândim,
gândurile cad peste noi
dintr-o simplă obisnuință

Nici nu vorbim,
vorbele vin la noi si ne intreabă
daca nu vrem sa le rostim.