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La nuit de l'hippogriffe II

moins est plus

la forêt deviendra ineffable en automne
si la licorne d'or favorise une seule dryade
sans dommage pour elle-même
rêva encore l'hippogriffe
en tremblant, ses plumes presque cyans,
prêt à  voler
au-delà  de tout

le temps ne manque pas
pour ces mortels
qui n'ont jamais besoin d'autrui
pour rêver dans les nuages,
uniquement du sable
ne sont-ils donc que des hybrides
sans âme et invisibles
fruit impossible sans foi

prenez, mangez, ceci est mon corps

l'écho resta longtemps après son départ
comme un violon d'herbe tombé dans l'eau
parmi nos vieilles histoires
de la vie et de la mort

Le volume « La nuit de l'hippogriffe » est dédié à  Luminita Suse
moins est plus = less is more(Mies van der Rohe)



L'Institut des Beaux Arts " Nicolae Grigorescu " de Bucarest , Roumanie Promotion 1955
Peinture - Camil Ressu, Nicolae Darascu, Catul Bogdan
Graphique - Alexandre Steriadi
Modelage - prof. Ion Medrea
Art Monumental - prof. Stefan Constantinescu


about you

I woke with you on the windowpane
all distances sagging from your clothes
in a sonorous disorder of the day before yesterday

I seemed to be convinced by snowy facts
laying in memory drawers

they have the stillness of the blizzard
you whisper to me
everything poise through you
as if in a Dali painting
the past is a blooming tree left behind
on the highway of the moment
someone from the windowpane
might lure you with fruits
while being still titillated, woozy
dazed by the garbled taste of youth


Victor Brauner

b. 1903, Piatra-Neamt, Romania; d. 1966, Paris
Victor Brauner was born on June 15, 1903, in Piatra-Neamt, Romania. His father was involved in spiritualism and sent Brauner to evangelical school in Braïla from 1916 to 1918. In 1921 he briefly attended the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest, where he painted Cézannesque landscapes. He exhibited paintings in his subsequent expressionist style at his first solo show at the Galerie Mozart in Bucharest in 1924. Brauner helped found the Dadaist review 75 HP in Bucharest. He went to Paris in 1925 but returned to Bucharest approximately a year later. In Bucharest in 1929 Brauner was associated with the Dadaist and Surrealist review UNU.

Băiatul cu ulciorul - 1923
ulei pe carton; 75x69cm.