The night of the hippogriph III

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The night of the hippogriph III
tout sauf ton coeur

the wind blew in the orchard of golden apples
and fell sick before sunrise

only a grain of sand was enough
to make the unicorn invisible
except for its heart

the eyes of the archaeopteryx
always reflect the mundane image
of seas from the sky
while the hippogryph
tired of being alone
sleeps with wings unfolded ahead

every night lifts sand dunes
and leaves the story of unknown journeys
to the one wearing a single eye
in the crown of the head

once upon a time
there was a hippogryph on a rock
and this view is not given to just anyone

tout sauf ton coeur = everything but your heart

(translated to English by Luminita Suse)


Saut quantique / Luminița Suse

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Saut quantique

(Salt cuantic - Luminița Suse)


Le père de mon amie
apparaît dans ses vers tel un ange désorienté
saignant paternellement de son aile poignardée
il mourut le même printemps que mon père

Je ne crois pas que les anges aient des ailes
c’est une pitoyable invention des millénaires écoulés
s'ils existent cependant, alors
ils ne peuvent être que des voyageurs quantiques
entre des mondes parallèles

the exodus of angels - exodul ingerilor

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the exodus of angels

mornings glistened with angels
snowing syncope on the blue asphalt
until the sky robbed
the shy winged shirt
of the afterlife

hardly breathing while ripening
solfeggios burdened by light
getting old
half of me was you
frail symmetry
dressed in seagulls
destined to unknown seas

some time ago
we were dreaming
guided by a blind angel
fog gossamers enfolded in waves

only the fear of flight
has stilled us, darling

so we were left
with blizzard effigies
on faces
or unspeakable burdens
to the irreversible passage
of angels

(Translated by Luminita Suse)

I was leaving - plecam

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at times I was leaving
shuddering on the brink of loneliness
wailing loud
between crevasses
wearing the words sewn to my mouth
only dry syllables
drooping on shoulders
the shadows of grief

the sea flows
against common sense
between you and the sky
opposing traverses
rolling over
in the pockets of memory

clandestine travels
detach themselves
aborting the hope

I was leaving
with all seas behind me
hidden under clothing
of non-spring...

(Translated by Luminita Suse)

on this street - pe această stradă

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on this street
rain greedily swallows
the liquid asphalt
unraveling the dark circle
of thoughts

They all were dressed in black birds
with the bill thrust into the heart
I was wearing a dying bird
on each shoulder

I and Your angel
forgotten by God
on the soul's skylight windowpane

the rains grind death-like teeth
in the oculus burgs
I still live in the penthouse
of a sinister nightmare
from which
the others assemble crossed words

...on this narrow street
fall slides hungrily
a shadow robbed in the wings
of a single pedestrian...


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