New routes for Babis Bizas

New Routes, new Tracks Although he has travelled almost everywhere, he still dreams of going one day to
those places where no airplanes fly and are a good one month trip, if not more, by boat.  Iceland Kerguelen Islands are top on the list followed by Pitcairn islands. Last year he visited finally Santa Helena and Ascension

Island!!!  Europe But he is concentrated mainly on opening the doors to the travellers willing to visit the places which are not yet on the tourist map. The first such trip is the Central African region including Angola.



This page will be updated 2-3 times a year and you will find the tours which are scheduled to depart.

You will not find the dates one and half year earlier, as it happens with other tour operators. Photobucket Moldova

Three months is the normal, although some planned trips will appear 6-8 months prior to their departure. The biggest challenge is to fix the cost early enough, so every one can plan ahead. And in those areas the things are not easy. There are no handling travel agents in Congo at all .Even public transportation is unavailable in some areas and the program of the tour must be organized with the use of tracks from the market or with chartered mini vans found locally. In any case, for the rest of 2008, there are already some tours in the list and more are under preparation.

 Photobucket Anatolia

In January he escorted a group to Ethiopia, including the Omo river valley, in the south, while in February he visited with 17 other travellers Peru and Bolivia, investigating for 22 days the Pre-Columbian civilizations. His plans for the future include: MARCH 15, 2008 North and South Yemen, Socotra Island, 16 days.

APRIL 19, 2008 Armenia Georgia Azerbaijan, and Nagorno Karabah, 18 days. In May he is planning to take his


leave and go to Holland with his Rolls Royce, for the yearly service.