European School of Visual Arts: Call for Applications

European School of Visual Arts

Application deadline:
31 August 2011 

”Comic strip” Research Masters program


The Masters program in Comic strip, which is run by the European School of Visual Arts (ÉESI) and the University of Poitiers in partnership, offers a forum for creative production, reflection and professionalization centered on comic strips and the related domains of illustration, animation and digital media.

This course combines the practical and theoretical aspects of art school with research carried out in a university environment, with input from the leading authorities and specialists in this field. The students will pursue a research program in the field of graphic narrative, combining at least two of the following three specializations:
– the implementation of a creative concept (artistic project)
– conducting research into contemporary techniques in comic strip art or into the history of these techniques (scientific project)
– the implementation of an original publishing concept including all the artistic, technical, legal and commercial aspects (publishing project)


“Interactive Arts” Research Masters program


The Interactive Arts Masters program, which is run by the European School of Visual Arts (ÉESI) and the University of Poitiers in partnership, is aimed at students from either the arts or the sciences in order to establish both a theoretical and practical culture.


This Masters program is unique in Europe and provides an artistic and epistemological training for students who have a study project in the field of interactive arts. The Masters program will enable them to acquire:


- a high level of competence in a specialization (arts and interactivity, epistemology, the history of science, cybernetics, the history and culture of techniques, cognitive sciences, phenomenology, image/text relationships, digital devices in film making and in live performances, cinematography, data bases, interactive writing and multimedia…)


- independent research, with the possibility of developing a project falling within the main spheres of the FORELL and XLIM/SIC laboratories at the University of Poitiers, the SLIDERS lab and Pixmen at the European School of Visual Arts (ÉESI) or the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) to which they will also be affiliated.


For further Information, please contact:
Charlotte Martin